Pizza & Dough Masterclass - Fri 20th October

Pizza & Dough Masterclass - Fri 20th October

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This is a ticket for our very special dough and pizza making masterclasses at our central production kitchen in central Brighton on Friday 20th October

Tickets are £30 and are limited to 16 people per session, during which you will:

- learn about our dough production process
- make dough; ball dough for proofing 
- open your own pizza bases
- top your pizza
- cook your pizza
- eat your pizza! 
- after pizza drinks round the corner with our friends at Unbarred Brewery

All proceeds from the events will go towards buying a pizza oven for The Junkfood Project. The Junkfood Project are doing invaluable work in Brighton and beyond, intercepting food waste which would otherwise be destined for land fill. They have a fantastic new hub in the Fitzherbert’s centre in Brighton and are looking to serve pizzas on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis, encouraging people to think about what a plate of food means to them and to value it in any way they can. It’s a system that chooses not to segregate people based on financial circumstances and feeds people in need freely or cheaply, supported by those who can currently afford to pay a bit more.

The Junk Food Project think that a pizza oven would be beneficial to the café operation, as well as being able to use for off-site events – and we would like to buy it for them. Once they have one we will be providing pizza dough from our central production kitchen on a regular basis and we would like to continue supporting them in whichever way we can. 

The events will be held at our Central Production Kitchen, 3-4 Circus Parade, BN1 4GW.